Monday, May 28, 2007

May 24, 2007 Bird Ramble and Wilson’s Plover Signs

Jekyll Island is becoming known as a wonderful place to get married and honeymoon. I had the pleasure of taking newly weds Kim and Dale today. I asked them how they were enjoying their week. They said it was great. Jekyll Island was exactly what they were looking for in a retreat. They had been mostly relaxing. They had gone out the day before kayaking with Tom at Tidelands Nature Center. And today they were out with me.

Of course Kim wanted to see a Painted Bunting. She did see her Painted Bunting in fact she saw several Painted Buntings. She saw so much more. They were amazed by the Wood Storks and their chicks at the Amphitheater. The chicks are spending a lot of time flapping their downy wings. They are so cute. Walking on from the first out look to the second I found two late nesting Wood Storks. They are stoic while they are sitting on eggs. The Anhingas appear to have lost their nest. Will they try again? While we were enjoying the Yellow-crowned Night-heron, Dale was learning that he could take pictures through my scope. He had some great photos.

We do see other kinds of wildlife.

After the Ramble I met Gene Keferl to put up more Wilson’s Plover nesting area signs. We put up four signs north of the Glory Boardwalk. While Gene was hammer the
pole into the sand, a female Wilson’s came out to lead us off. This indicates we have one pair that is doing ok. I think the pair at 4-h west has failed for we saw the pair out in the morning. These birds looked at us and flew off not a good sign.

The next place we went to put out the signs was on the Southwest corner of Jekyll. This area is called Jekyll Point. We were lucky to see the female Wilson’s there as well. Keep your fingers crossed that Jekyll’s special families raise young this year.

We could not pass up looking over the flock of birds. .

There were three Sandwich Terns and one Least Tern that were not there in the morning. In fact it was a tern afternoon. On my way off Jekyll Island I stopped at the corner of Gisco Marina Road and the causeway to look over the shorebirds that had gathered on the mud flat. Whimbrels and Willets were stalking along in the Salicornia. Sweeping past them I set my binoculars on the mud I was treated to a Gull-billed Tern. Scanning that whole flat, there were eight Gull-billed Terns. I sure hope they will stay there for the summer. They are elegant birds.
With Jekyll’s birds on my mind
Good Birding!

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