Monday, March 12, 2007

First bona fide blog

Hello there,
This is my first bona fide time to record my bird rambles along the Georgia Coast. What is a ramble? I choose an area and I spend a morning exploring it. Birds are my focus. These rambles are meant to be a time of learning as well as a coastal adventure. Jekyll Island is my favorite place so I spend most of the time exploring Jekyll.
For those of you who don’t know about Jekyll Island, it is called Georgia’s gem. Jekyll is a barrier island just north of Cumberland Island and just south of St. Simons Island. It is about fifty miles north from Jacksonville, FL and sixty miles from Savannah. It is one of the true barrier islands on the Georgia coast. There is causeway so you can drive out and enjoy the island. The whole island is owned by the state. It is run by Jekyll Island Authority. This is a board appointed by the governor of Georgia. Sixty-five per cent of it is to remain underdeveloped by state law. Thirty-five percent is tastefully developed with motels, few restaurants, four golf courses and a convention center. There is a small residential community. These are all leased by the state. Jekyll Island can be a base to explore other coastal areas or just spend some time exploring it by bike, by foot, by electric cars called Red Bugs and of course by your own vehicle. It is the best of two worlds. So take some time and come along as I bird ramble on Jekyll and other wonderful places here on the coast.

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