Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A bike ride

On Christmas Eve, I decided to explore the bike trail on the south end of Jekyll. I listened to a mixed winter flock of birds here,

I found beautiful pocket marshes.  These will be great places for nesting Clapper Rails next summer but right now it is just quiet.

There is an old road that is now part of the bike path that will take me over to the beach side.

What a pretty path to the beach!

 and around to the New Convention Center.

Even the trash can are nice.

From there I bike back to the historic District by the Golf course

At the Jekyll Club Hotel, there was a bag-piper piping. 


It was getting late so I continued back around to the van but I took my time. 

 Here is a beautiful Hickory tree. 
It was a perfect afternoon to explore Jekyll.

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