Friday, November 16, 2012

Super high tides and a White-winged Dove

 High tides are to expected. We have two each day. Some high tides are not as high as other high tides. It is all about the moon and the sun and where they are in relationship. The moon is the key player. Full and new moons the tides are very high. 
 However, the wind can make the tide higher. This week the moon is a new moon and the winds were from the north. We had super high tides.  
 This caused me to go other places to look for birds.  At the Jekyll Island Club Pavilion, we found a White-winged Dove.  I guess it was looking for a new place away from the tides.
Cool bird, it just let us watch it for awhile. 


Laura S. said...

I keep going back to the ramp pics wondering if it is St. Andrews? Great pics!!!

Lydia said...

Yes, it is St. Andrews Picnic area. Those were suuper high tides! It was amazing to watch.