Saturday, August 25, 2012

This time it is a white phased Reddish Egret

Ok enough already.  Another Reddish Egret shows up on the south end of Jekyll aka Jekyll Point.  Just because I said it was a rare bird here and then two are here last week then this week a white phased bird shows up…. UNCLE!   
Here is a picture with Sanderling, Snowy Egret and then Reddish Egret

Really, what it does tell me is to remain flexible.  Reddish Egrets are found on the Georgia coast.  In some places like Little St. Simons Island (LSSI) they are to be expected.  It isn’t that far from LSSI to Jekyll Point, so there should be no surprise.   
I enjoyed watching the bird strut and dance. It also kept me around long enough to see two banded Piping Plovers.

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