Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Jekyll Point nursery school

Last Friday, I went out to the south end of Jekyll.  There were all ages of terns.  There were Least Terns resting before another attempt to catch a small fish or maybe even be feed a fish. 
Here is a Royal Tern fledgling looking hopefully at any tern. 
 When that doesn't work, it gets up and begs.  It didn't work the adult just walked off. 

 However for me,  I enjoyed watching all the Sandwich Terns resting in the area. 
 This is a very young Sandwich Tern.  The first time I saw one of these terns, I thought I had a rare species. 
Of course that bubble was popped when the adult came in and feed it a fish. It might be hot getting to Jekyll Point but it worth it to stand in a nursery school of terns.

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