Saturday, October 22, 2011

Birds go to Turtleween

What a great day at Georgia's Sea Turtle Center's Turtleween. They gave me a table for my Operation Plover Patrol. Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shop on Jekyll helped me by letting Jay B. Watcher come over and help me talk about birds on Jekyll Island. Jay did a lot of high fives. There was one very serious discussion with a budding scientist who promises to help.Right next door, kids were discovering alligators and snakes. A Wonderful way to help everyone to appreciate these misunderstood animals.
I even got a chance to ride on the hay ride. It was a blast.


dAwN said...

Looks like a great time! I love to see families out learning about nature!

Lydia said...

Thanks Dawn! It was a blast. I think we should have our birds represented at events like this at every chance we get. If I had not been there, it would have been about turtles and alligators. It is important to reach out.