Saturday, February 5, 2011

Weekend for Wildlife

In Georgia our state wildlife agency is called Department of Natural Resource (DNR) Department. The Nongame Conservation Program is a part of the DNR but they are not funded by the state of Georgia. They must raise their own money. They do this by a special vehicle tags and by a Weekend for Wildlife event. This event is the weekend. They have their hardworking biologists, scientists and researcher taking the folks out to show them what they are doing for the birds, turtles, whales and other creatures.

Last night at the evening get-together I saw this display. One Nongame programs is banding shorebirds.

On May 22, 2o1o, Brad Winn and Tim Keyes banded Chinquapin, a Whimbrel . They also put a tracking device on him. Following this bird has been fun. Chinquapin has summered in Canada and now wintering in South America. You can follow this bird at Whimbrel Tracking at

I can not say it any better than this:Our Nongame folks do a great job. I hope they raise the money they need to continue these important programs. Here the monotype I donated to the cause.

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