Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hidden Lake on St. Simons Island

Silver Lake is right smack in the middle of St. Simons Island. It is down a quiet lane off Frederica Road, one of the busiest road on the island. But just turn down Silver Lake Drive and you will find a beautiful little lake and lots of Hooded Mergansers. It is an elegant duck.


Teri from IN said...

What a gorgeous close-up picture with the reflection in the water - your new camera is serving you well! We saw many mergansers on the Amphitheater Lake when we were there just after Christmas.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful photo and a so beautiful bird.

There are some too on a pond on the golf near the green of the 7 of Indian mould.

Ths so muck for this website and for everything.

Johanne Fillion