Saturday, July 17, 2010

Stopped birders on the causeway

Today when I was driving over the Jekyll Island Causeway to go to work at Wild Birds, I saw a group of birders. They were pulled off the road looking at a flock of White Ibis. This flock has been there in that same spot for a week. It was heart warming to see the group of maybe six people some huddled around the scope others looking through binoculars. Since coming off the road all those many years ago I miss seeing clusters of birders. For the last decade I have been trying to encourage birders to come see this little corner of the world. If you are birding in the Golden Isles please stop by and say hello. If I am not there just leave me a note tell me what birds you are seeing. Good birding.


rebecca said...

I'm moving to Jekyll Island next month to work at the 4-H center, and I can't wait! I already have a mental list of birds I'm hoping to add to my life list (Painted Bunting, Brown-headed Nuthatch...).

Kimmy said...

We vacationed at Jekyll a month ago and I was amazed at how many water birds we saw. I saw many *firsts* on our trip. The Spoonbills were my favorite! We were lucky enough to catch them sweeping the shallow waters under the causeway bridge late in the evening. The pond behind the amphitheater was also a wonderful birding experience as I saw my first Anhinga!

Anonymous said...

Have been traveling to Jekyll off and on for many many years, have never seen so many wading birds as recently (June-July '10). Since I am from Florida am used to seeing these types of birds all the time, but have never seen them in so many numbers along the Jekyll Causeway. Anything out there in the data to show increases in populations? Great observation tower at the Welcome Center, too.