Friday, June 26, 2009

Thursday's ramble

Man, did we luck out Thursday. I did a bird ramble with Jean from Bucks Co PA and her niece Charlie. The day stayed overcast. We were able to enjoy the birds without passing out from the heat. The first birds to greet us were the Gray Kingbirds at the shopping center. They were being territorial. Could they be nesting again? Keep your fingers crossed.

We were able to find a few shorebirds, Black-bellied Plover, Short-billed Dowitcher, and one Semipalmated Sandpiper. Of course, the most common shorebirds were the Willets. They were in marsh and on the beach. Everywhere we went we heard their calls.

Since I last visited the south end of Jekyll, the tides have been very high. The water was pushed into the primary dunes changing the look of the beach. I was concerned for the Wilson’s Plovers but they were fine. I found all three young one. You can’t call them chicks for they look like they can fly.

This is the male keep an eye on us.

Here is the youngster watching as well.

As we walked back to the van, we enjoyed a few wildflowers.
Aren't these little Sea Pinks pretty?

The morning glories were in full splendor.

We finished the morning at the Amphitheater. There were a few young Wood Stork youngsters hanging out high in the pines.


dAwN said...

Looks like a nice ramble..Glad there are some Wilsons around!

Lydia said...

Hi Dawn. Yes, I am thrilled especially when we though they had failed in May. Three youngsters YEA!

Anonymous said...

Lydia- I had such a great time birding with you and my aunt on Thursday! I got a total of 55 birds this past week, and 35 of them were life birds. Unbelievable! Do you have a copy of that picture you took of me and my aunt? I'd love a copy. Thank you again!