Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Oysters, mud and shorebirds

On Sunday, Gene Keferl, Mike Chapman, and I joined Chris Depkin in his boat to see if we could relocate the Harlequin Duck that was seen on Friday. The day was such a contrast to the day before. Sunday was a gray day. A cold front blew in. We could see the dark gunmetal gray clouds marching right over us. There was rain and spray. The temperature dropped. We went anyway.

First, we went out where the duck had been spotted. No not there, so we began patrolling the small creeks. Now we never found the Harlequin Duck but there were other birds to see.

The Dunlin, dowitchers, and yellowlegs were feasting on the mud and around the oysters. On one mud bank there were some tiny Least Sandpipers. A few Oystercatchers were hanging out as well.

It is always fair weather when good fellows get together.

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