Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Guides and Woodbine

I visited with Cindy Janus yesterday afternoon. She was telling me what Gordon Roger and she had decided for the Woodbine Riverwalk and Kayak trip. They were kayaking White Oak Creek. It sounds fabulous. Every time I talk to the guides about their trips, I want to go. These are caring guides. Cindy is one of them. She loves what she does. Cindy & Southeast Adventure goes all out to give you a great experience. We are fortunate to have them support the Georgia Colonial Coast Birding & Nature Festival. They are doing three trips: St. Simons Kayak, Cathead Creek by Kayak and the new trip Woodbine Riverwalk and Kayak trip.
Just a little word about Woodbine Riverwalk, this community is working diligently to be a greenway. They have a wonderful “rails to trails” greenway. The Women Club of Woodbine is working to put in several bird sanctuaries along the trail. By the way I learned that Woodbine was named for the vine woodbine which is coral honeysuckle. Coral honeysuckle is the native honeysuckle that hummingbirds love. Way to cool!

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