Monday, June 2, 2008

Babies on the beach

Today I was out very early looking for nesting Wilson's Plovers. There were three family groups with two chicks each. These were just west of the 4-H boardwalk on Jekyll Island. Later I met the Master Naturist class, everyone got to see and watch these plovers. The parents were very busy herding the chicks and chasing off anything that looked dangerous. There was one even chasing a Willet. It was a very busy morning.
I have been told of two more pairs so I will go out in the next couple of days. I want to thank Coastal Georgia Audubon for funding this project of data gathering.


Dawn said...

I would like to draw / paint the first photo of your website. however, I am not sure if you would allow me to download it?
I visited Geargea with my husband on March 2007/April 2007. We loved the beach there.

Lydia said...

Wilson's Plovers are one of those amazing birds that spend there lives right under our noses here on the Georgia coast. I don't mind if you use the running plover in your art. Occasionally I use someone else's pictures. If that is the case, I would direct you to the photographer to ask permission. Thank you for asking me.