Saturday, April 12, 2008

Northern Parula rules

There is a wonderful Bird Sanctuary on Jekyll. It is in the campground at the north end of the island. Anna Layton, a birding gypsy, pushed hard to get the feeders up. Later I added a bird bath with a drip. Marjorie Clark and Don Youngblood helped keep the bath up and running. All the folks who keep this little slice of heaven up and running are rewarded especially right now for several species of warblers use this area. Come sit and enjoy. By the way does anyone out there know where Anna is these days?

Here is the North Parula ruling the bath.


Terry said...

I hope no one is feeding cats in that campground or you are all just luring birds to their demise.

Lydia said...

Hi Terry,
The campground folks are very good at keeping cats out of the area. If a feral cat shows up it is trapped and taken to the humane society
There is a serious problem with feral & outside cats across the county. It is sad to see