Sunday, February 10, 2008

Shorebirds on Thursday Feb. 7,2008

Man, has the weather been great! Yesterday, I was sure it was going to rain but the day dawned and there was no rain. The temperature was perfect so off we went. I had a good group of birders. As always when you get a group of birders from different places together there were some comparing of notes. We walked out to the beach and rushed to get ahead of the kids. There were good numbers of shorebirds, Dunlins, Westerns etc. Oh we were happy sorting through the birds, comparing bird to bird. There were a couple of times when people threatened to run the birds off. Finally one group did march right through them. Some of my group was from Cape May . They told me of their docent program so I was able to get some good ideas. With the increase in walkers at the south end it would be great to have a docent program here. Stay tuned….
In the meantime enjoy some photo of our wonderful Thursday Morning Bird Ramble for February 7, 2008

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