Thursday, January 17, 2008

Rainy day

Well it rain all last night. When I got up it was still raining. As I drove to Jekyll it was just pouring. It wasn’t a good day for a ramble so I call it off. I did a quick look around the fields and feeders around the southend. The Eastern Bluebirds were out and about but otherwise it was quiet. It is a good day to get catch up on art.

I couldn’t talk about an art commission I received last year. These pieces were to be Christmas presents. Christmas is over so I can share with you. These creations I call monotype construction. They were a combination of years of work. I do a great deal of sketching in the field as well as just watching the birds. I combine that with my years as a printmaker using my etching press to create embossing. The years I worked as a stencil cutter for a silk screen company to cut and refine the embossings. I pull these pieces together in a combination of print and drawing. It is hard for me to describe the idea but I love to create shadows and light by elevating some of the pieces. It is just the thrill of see these creations come together.

Thanks to the Babe-breasted Warblers the team of women birders who inspired the art. This team of five women spent 2006 doing a Georgia Big Year birding together. They learned so much about birds. Toward the end of the year they started thinking of birds names that suited them. Becky was named the Black-crowned Night-heron. Nita was named the Yellow-billed Cuckoo. Lynda was named the Common Eider. Darlene was named the Yellow-breasted Chat. Cheryl was named the Blue-headed Vireo. So each piece has these five birds plus their name and the number they got to by the end of 2006.
Darlene posted the photos of the art at

To add a little to this story these five women have become Birding Ambassadors. On January the tenth when we were looking for the Snowy Plover Becky and Darlene saw a person looking for the bird. They did there best to help him. He did see the bird. He was so charmed by these helpful ambassadors that he came into Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shop to tell how much he enjoyed meeting them.
Here is the team with me in Feb 2006

Please enjoy the art and yes I can do a special monotype construction for you. Plus I would love to hear your birding stories.
Here are the Babes with me in August 06
Good Birding in 2008

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