Sunday, September 23, 2007

Rainy week in September

The Golden Isles and Jekyll had a great deal of rain last week . It stopped me from going out to morning bird watch. Last Wednesday my day was off to a good start as I drove onto Jekyll Island. There was a Bald Eagle flying over the marsh then landing on a power pole. It was an awesome sight.

Gary and Janie Smith own the Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shop on Jekyll Island. They have contracted with me to be their resident naturist and artist in resident. Part of that is that I am in the shop on Wednesdays. Last Wednesday was overcast and there were not a lot of folks visiting the historic district shop. So I had time to drag the porch chair out to a stop where I can see all the feeders as well as the live oaks and sky.
That afternoon as I sat and played around with the Identflyer Wand, I had a nice group of birds some of the warblers included, American Redstarts, Black & White, Tennessee, Cape May, Prairie, and resident Yellow-throated. Here are my notes.

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