Saturday, June 2, 2007

June 1 exploring Jekyll's beach

June 1, 2007

When Kim called and wanted to go birding with her nine year old son Preston as well as her parents. I agree to meet them Friday on Jekyll. I choose a couple of places that I thought would fascinate them all. The tide was too high to walk the beach so we went to the Amphitheater first. The Wood Storks were a hit. Preston told me that the Anhingas were his favorite.

What was puzzling was that the Anhingas were not sitting on the nests day. Anyone know what is going on? The both nests looks good and secure. I just can not figure out what these birds are doing this year.

Even though it was late morning we made our way to the beach. It was perfect on the beach. There was a cool breeze. The birds were way down at Jekyll Point so there was a walk a head of us. Still there was a lot to talk about. The winds have been out of the east so there was a lot of Sargassum grass washed up. Preston became fascinated by the shells. He picked them up and carefully looked to see if it were inhabited. We talked about these creatures and how they related to the birds. This south end of Jekyll is so diverse, rich with life, beneath the surface, on the surface and in the water and air. It takes a couple of hours to make the round. We saw Royal, Forster, and Least Terns. The Black Skimmers were there in a good tight flock. We did have one Wilson’s Plover skulk by us.

By the time we were off the beach it was lunch time so I recommended a couple of restaurants. They were going to go by Tidelands Nature Center in the afternoon.

On the way off the island I did a quick check of the entrance ponds sure enough two Gulled-billed Terns.

With Jekyll’s birdlife on my mind-Good Birding!

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