Sunday, April 8, 2007

Birders, birds and spring April 8, 2007

Today was cold and beautiful. The sky was so blue and the trees that fresh green of new leaves. For the last few days I have been hear a prairie warbler in my own small yard. It is a interesting bird here for I live in an older area of St. Simons Island with lots of oaks so why is there a prairie warbler sing here?
In the meantime I went over to Jekyll today. First stop was the Welcome Center where I met am older couple watching the birds. They were from Flynt River area in Michagan. They are birder photographs or at least he was. They have traveled a great deal in the US birding. In fact they have been coming to Jekyll for ten years to bird. I need to meet more of these folks. The problem with birders is that they come in birds quietly and leave. It is hard to count them.
The list that Marjorie Clark and I put out is starting to help keep count for birder like lists and will stop by to pick it up. Anybody out there got some other ideas to help us count?
I move on to the Glory Boardwalk near the soccer field. The beach was quiet but there were a pair of Wilson's plover near the first nesting plover signs.
Oh yes before I forget on the way out to the beach I had two Eastern Kingbirds.
Good birding

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